Who we are

Today, our experience and expression for doing business has changed and it continues to evolve – this is an undeniable reality that is creeping fast on both large enterprises and small business, individuals with passion for the things they love doing are also a huge variable in the way we do business today.

Change is constant and for us as humans to thrive we have to adapt to the changes that meet us almost unexpectedly. Sale and marketing has drifted from the regular corporate style to the social freestyle approach. Corporation and SMEs are both gunning for the same audience and vice versa.

Today it’s not really about size, it’s more about your agility and adaptability. We believe that every service or product created as a value between two or more parties can spark the next big idea, startup or corporation. One thing is sure though, for business to continue without fail value needs to be exchanged, hence the importance of courier and logistics services. From the doughnut shop, the fashion designer, the consultant, the medical practitioner to the state and government parastatals delivering your ideas, values, products and service to the desired place of emotional and functional benefits is what TEPCO courier lives for.

TEPCO limited is a last mile focused delivery service serving businesses and individuals.

What we do

The right courier for your business can eliminate all of the issues surrounding delays, items being held up at borders or even going missing entirely. Different couriers offer different types of services. It’s important to know what these services are and how they can benefit your business if you’re to pick the courier that best suits your specific needs.

Our values

We believe in humanity, the bond that binds us all in our individual and collective endeavors. The essence of purpose and the beauty of dreams, the aspirations and challenges that make us awake, fill our lungs with air ready to take on the next challenge, conquer it and subdue it.

Every blot of ink, every keystroke of the computer, every business idea, and every agreement is of no use if you are unable to reach your desired audience or prospect. We are here to help fulfil your dream, get your ideas, products and services to the right audience on time in a supportive and friendly atmosphere giving you the chance to believe again.


Build a reliable and professional network of global solution providing leading logistics and delivery services in Africa


Identify and solve immediate courier needs one business at a time, exceeding customer expectation by providing engaging and memorable experiences


Tepco Courier Limited
19 Durbar Hotel Road, Amuwo Odofin
Lagos state

For business enquiries:
+234 909 795 2329
+234 704 419 8210

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