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Courier Unusual

5 things to look out for when engaging a courier service


The delivery of services, product and information has increased significantly in recent times as a result of growing economy and competition. Although the internet has saved a lot of physical activities entail in the logistics both in cost and time. However the rise of SMEs and E-Commerce business urges more demand for faster physical product distribution, in particular small packages like documents, receipts and gift. These product mostly require a short time distribution window especially in metropolitan areas like the city of Lagos where traffic is unpredictable and parking spaces are limited, hence the birth of the two-wheel vehicles; the motorcycles perfect for the task and the symbol for any courier business in the state especially with the ban of the two wheel on every major roads in Lagos state.

This article is purposed to provide insights into the attributes to look out for when engaging a courier company either for your personal use or for a corporate engagement

Insurance policy

It is of most importance to ensure that you sign up with a courier service with a verified insurance policy. This is necessary in the interest of both you as the sender of the goods and the courier company itself. Accident happen and in the event of a unforeseen circumstances you are assured of getting back your goods or worst case some financial equivalent of the value of the goods.

Yhese insurance policies vary depending on the policy iyour chosen courier partner subscribes to. Ensure you clarify when you are not certain especially when sending out goods of high value. For example some courier service provide this information on their website or portal as soon as you make request informing you of the premium value covered by insurance depending on the value of the deliverable.

Information system

Today digital technology has change the way courier services operates. Right from the point of request you can ascertain the where and when a good or parcel will be delivered. Although to most individuals and businesses the workings behind the screen is not important as long as their goods are delivered on time and in good condition. This is alright but as a business or individual looking for a long term relationship it is advisable you choose a courier business that can support your business even when you scale hence the importance of information system. There are two ways you can approach courier service through using information systems; via the digital platforms (internet, mobile applications) or by making a phone call to the customer services department.

There is no way you can be sure your courier service choice implements an information system in its day to day operation in the short term, however, this will become obvious over time as the consistency of service quality either improves or deteriorates.

Information systems in a courier service provides insight into the way the business is run and the things it should be doing both for the good of the business and the benefits of the customers.

Courier services like Tepco carry out their daily operations based on an automated information system. This directs the collection, allocation and distribution of resource to better serve its customers

Customer relationship management

Most business are of the opinion customer is king, we believe customer feedback is king, especially in this age of constant digital disruption. No business should over look feedback from its customer and not endeavor to find a way to do better, this is what engages the customer and also makes the business thrive. In recent times, customer relationship has moves beyond the dissatisfaction paradigm, it is not only about businesses waiting to alleviate or make right a customer complaints. It more about the whole personality of the user and how they engage with you and other services that are related to your business.

IT systems supporting logistics customer service are becoming increasingly popular globally and no business should relent or dismiss the power of digital footprints in whichever industry or service it find itself. Supporting areas where customer service build a competitive advantage is through the use of information systems, a daily practice in the current activity of successful logistics centers where a strong investment in a Customer Relationship Management process will go a long way to help you connect better and retain the loyalty and trust of your customers. The CRM system help with the organization and strategic response to your customer’s feedback.


There is no doubt about the importance of effective communication in modern business domains. Communication can be in the form of speaking, writing, or body language. In the world of business, effective communication is a lynchpin in many areas including customer service, because the business that communicates better can win and retain more customers.

The courier service industry is not an exception considering the fact that it can sometime time be the bridge between our hope and expectations as a customer for a service or goods requested. Some of the factors that decide this expectation are effective and efficient response to orders placed and fidelity of goods delivered to name a few.

Effective communication is an important aspect of customer service. A large enterprise or a small business may have multiple points of contact with the customer. Each point of contact is an opportunity for the business to thrive by delighting customers. The business should encourage open communications with customers at these points, because such actions can boost customer confidence and enable the business to stand apart from its competitors. We could say that the gains accrued to the enterprise are priceless when such actions are executed consistently.

At Tepco we ensure communication with our customer from the point of request to delivery. Effective communication is part of our brand DNA as we don’t leave anything to chance. We encourage feedbacks on pickup, deliveries, delays, claims and every form of dissatisfaction experienced by our customers we also do the same in our daily operation thereby building a better relationship across our customer base

Efficient operations

Efficiency is key to a great courier service. A good courier service shows how effective the services are from the time the request is made up to the completion of the delivery. This includes successful pickup, parcel delivery within the committed date and time, excellent customer service provided by the rider and the overall customer experience.

Operations is the core that makes or breaks the effectiveness and efficiency of any courier services. With good structure in place; Information systems, customer relationship management, effective communication, operations will be optimal like clockwork. From the request, to batching, allocation, tracking, distribution and delivery an unusual experience is guaranteed.


This is the start of the courier journey whether as an individual or as a business, it is important to know and understand the modus operandi of your chosen courier services and have a look at their terms and condition for operating. If there is anything unclear it is advisable you give the customer care a call for proper guidance.

In recent times, courier services especially for the structured and organized ones, there are different platforms through which you can place a request especially for services running on information systems as this makes for a faster turnaround time.


Another function of courier services and value a courier service should offer is their ability to provide real-time tracking. There are various ways a courier company can provide tracking for the benefits of their customers. It could be as simples as a phone call update on the location of the delivery officer, or via their website, by giving you a unique customer identity for the shipping and then you can login and track the location of the delivery. Others also provide tracking through the use of a mobile app. This mostly indicates the location of the delivery officer. However, since the officer might be delivering more goods per time to a location, it only give you an idea of the location your delivery officer is, not an exact address

At Tepco, our dedicated customer services team proactively manages all of your deliveries. So you can worry less about deliveries and focus on core business tasks instead.

With dedicated customer service teams on the other end of the phone, as well as our back end information system you’re a lot likelier to receive accurate updates of your delivery whereabouts.


While packaging might seem like a minor issue, there’s still a clear difference between packaging when it comes to courier services and this could make a lot of difference in perception and value.

In packaging however, you to ensure your goods are packed correctly and meet the necessary specifications of your chosen courier service. It’s in both your and the courier’s interest to make sure your goods are packed correctly. It means your shipments arrive at the destination safely.

Conversely, with a courier service, they can offer incomparable advice through their customer support teams that are on hand to provide expert guidance. This can include them assisting you with helpful tips to make sure that your shipments are sent safely and securely.

Couriers like Tepco can, on request, arrange for your goods to be professionally packed prior to departure, making sure that any fragile goods arrive at their destination in perfect condition.


With information systems guiding batching and distribution, riders’ activities are not left to discretion as this could affect major deadline and important deliveries. For efficiency in distributions delivery officers are assigned to areas and zones allocated by analysis of the terrain knowledge and capacity of the delivery officer.

For example the hub and spoke distribution paradigm is designed to keep cost down by receiving goods from many different origins, consolidate them and then send to their respective destinations. Here each zone is assigned a delivery officer responsible for any order originating from or terminating at that zone. He then returns to the hub every turn around time (e.g. 90min) for package exchanges and then repeats the procedure till days end.

The human touch

Let’s face it courier services in recent time has become popular. It is as easy and common place as the purchase of a bike, helmet or not, riders permit and a delivery box and voila we are in business.

Regardless, the idea of making things better by making better things seems to be beyond the scope and value of many courier business. When things don’t get better, it will definitely become worse, there is no neutral state.

Whether we like it or not, despite the popularity of the digital middle man in today’s commercial activities it is of utmost importance to realize that the end user is still a human, at least until the advent of a cyber-apocalypse. You cannot afford to overemphasize the importance of the human touch in courier service delivery. The approach and manner a service is delivered goes a long way to the building of a good relationship which is very important to every customer. It is the golden rule – treat people the way you will want to be treated. From communication, packaging, tracking and courteous delivery, it is important to always remember that you are here to serve people this makes all the difference in doing business in an unusual way.


If you’re sending important items via courier, then it’s wise to choose a partner that you can trust throughout the whole process. To enjoy the benefits we’ve mentioned above and set your business up for success, we’ve created a comparison guide for you to compare small and large courier services to help make that decision much easier.

The Tepco advantage

All our partners, as our esteemed customers are called, are individuals from all walks of life, ranging from a sole proprietor, private partners corporate organizations to governmental departments. We provide exclusive courier services, for intrastate delivery. We’re not just here to redefine the ecosystem but to set the new atmosphere with our quality signature in Excellent customer relations


Our paradigm of business unusual kicks off at the threshold of client relations. We maintain at all times distinctively different company – client relationship with all our partners regardless of location and specifications. From your first call to our customer service agents to the last interaction with our delivery officers. We ensure your respect and trust remain non-negotiable.