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Our standard delivery service includes pickup and delivery of your packages including mails, documents, items or parcels by routine or daily schedule. Parcel are picked up, redistributed and dispatched by routes and are typically not under the pressure of a strict time frame

TEPCO provides overnight parcel delivery services where parcel reaches your customer doorstep the next day before 12 noon

The growing population of young adult now make almost half of their purchases online and next-day is an efficient solution for deliveries of this kind. Our next day delivery services is suitable for social entrepreneurs, budding SMEs, that have short – mid distance delivery point across Lagos, suitable for last-minute delivery requests and can help solve internal deadline issues.

Making last minute changes to that proposal, business plan or presentation, as well as worried about getting it to the appropriate quarters or client on time? When tomorrow is too late? Our same-day service is the answer.   With certain terms and conditions we provide express courier service, although this service is only available within certain locations giving you and your business that competitive edge.

Look to work with a courier service that emphasizes building a good relationship. They can create bespoke solutions and even fit in last-minute requests for you, such as same-day services.

We provide outsourced logistics services, which encompass anything that involves management of one or more facets of procurement and fulfillment activities. We offer outsourced delivery partnerships with e-commerce businesses and carrier for last mile delivery services ensuring that packages get to your customers safely and on time

This is our one-time delivery service focused on individual that are occasional users of courier services, but when they do it is mostly urgent and of high importance. It is focused mostly on small business, individual, freelancers that don’t have the luxury of time and need urgent delivery of documents, item and parcels to their customers at a specified date and time


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